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Problems with moisture in your home? SmartSite offers complete home assessments and full reports using thermal imaging to determine air leakage in your home or business. From the images, we can determine the main loss as well as provide solutions for airflow and insulation to help solve your condensation problems.

By identifying airflow issues and applying air sealing and insulation retrofits, we can help you reduce unnecessary energy consumption, which can lead to reduced utility bills and a reduction in gas and electric loads.

While there are easy weatherization techniques that can be applied by homeowners or property owners, advanced air-flow and insulation services should be conducted by professionals for health and safety as well as efficient and comprehensive solutions that ensure resolution.

At SmartSite, we assess and report on the causes of air-flow and insulation issues, while providing a thorough report on recommendations and solutions. We will undertake the work with our team of remediation experts to ensure that the repair activities required are high quality and durable for optimal results.

Let us know what your airflow and insulation concerns are, and we’ll work with you to provide solutions and guide you forward through the process.


We are a Nanaimo based restoration company offering building and property restoration, industrial remediation and commercial construction services across Canada.

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