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Dry Ice Blasting

Ice blasting, also known as media blasting, is a process that utilizes high-pressure air to strip abrasive material from surfaces. The force of blasting can remove everything from paint and rust to other imperfections. It is similar to the process of pressure washing but without the water. It is fast, efficient, clean and highly effective in remove grit, grime and everything in between. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to blast C02 particles, a form of carbon dioxide gas, which is a naturally formed gas from within the earth’s atmosphere.

Dry Ice Blasting – Benefits & Applications

At SmartSite, we utilize dry ice to blast a variety of blemishes while leaving minimal dust and debris to clean away once the work is complete. It can also be used on malleable equipment, it is non-abrasive and it is faster than sandblasting or soda blasting while offering the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Dry ice blasting can be applied to diverse substances that include mold, fire damage, rust, glue, paint, spray paint and gum.

Industrial & Commercial Solutions

Dry ice cleaning is an ideal solution for any surface including porous limestone, concrete and brick, and offers a variety of industrial or commercial applications including:

● Deburring and deflashing
● Removing tough oil and grease
● Elevator cleaning
● Electrical cleaning
● Engines, equipment and other sensitive components
● Facility maintenance
● High traffic areas
● Bus and train interiors

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