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Andrew Lucas founded SmartSite Inc Company in 2015 based on the core values of teamwork, integrity and commitment. It has expanded to serve the Building/Property restoration, commercial, industrial and marine industry needs. SmartSite’s insistence on quality of service, hard work, and responsiveness to client needs has led to its success in a competitive industry.

The company uses sustainable systems and practices while implementing new and better approaches to successfully complete and meet deadlines for their clients. One of its many goals is to find ways to minimize waste, and maximize use of time, labour and materials. Our Extensive planning and relationships have proven value to our clients, contracts and projects.

Our goal is to eliminate lost time in a project to maximize production. Strategic planning, and coordinating in-house throughout our teams has proven success. Our team takes pride in customer satisfaction for all our projects regardless of size.

Serving British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario in the commercial and residential sectors.

SmartSite offers a realty service for families trying to sell their home. Tell us how much you want for your home. Our experts will design and stage your home to sell. Your home with your budget to achieve your projected sale value. Your budget is our problem, let’s start planning today.

Roles in SmartSite Construction


Initiates and directs who will be the contact for each project. He will arrange and sign on all contracts financially and will conduct a full pro forma for the under boss to take over.


Persons in charge who will manage projects and labour for each site according to skills and experience.


Will be in charge for their site or projects and will relay customer requirements and or needs directly to the underboss for further action. Will direct all made men and ensure each man is competent to complete their tasks.


Answer to their lieutenants and ensure any task given is done to the best of their capabilities and to keep the high level of standards rising so one day they can become lieutenant.


We continue relationships with the best in the business to ensure our future clients receive the same treatment as our preferred clients and our previous clients.

We are a Nanaimo based restoration company offering building and property restoration, industrial remediation and commercial construction services across Canada.

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SmartSite Inc.
3255 Ridgeview Place
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 7C7