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Wet Ice Blasting

Wet ice blasting is a form of media blasting, which is the process of using pressurized air to remove abrasive and unwanted materials from surfaces. The method of wet ice blasting uses pressurized air along with crushed ice and ice particles focused through an application nozzle and blasted out. Wet ice blasting leaves a slick water-residue and forces surface materials to slide off.

Wet Ice Blasting – Benefits & Applications

Wet ice blasting uses 35 times less the amount of water that a pressure washer uses, and is considered an environmentally conservative alternative. It produces minimal airborne contaminates making it the only real dustless cleaning technology on the market. It is convenient and cost effective, requiring only standard ice cubes, and the cost of operating is far less expensive than abrasive blasting and dry ice blasting and easier to maintain materials. Wet ice can be applied Upstream, mid-stream, and downstream with minimal chance of contaminating.

Marine Solutions

Wet ice blasting is ideal for marine, industrial and commercial industries, where removal of contaminants from surfaces is part of maintenance and management of vessels, equipment, and facilities. Wet ice blasting can be used to:

  • Remove muscles and build up to boat/ship hulls           
  • Remove rust and build up to ship/ barge/ boat exterior                      
  • Remove paint/lead paint and general clean up   
  • Cleaning of engine compartments and rooms              
  • Strip coatings             
  • Removes Roadline paint
  • Deburring industrial components
  • Removes graffiti from durable surfaces
  • Prepping bridges for paint       

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